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I am an artist residing in the historical village of Lavenham in Suffolk. Originally from Stratford, London I have been drawing and painting all my life. At school my favourite subject was art and looking back the first thing we had to do was make various shapes and fill them in with colour perfectly without going over the edge.

Sketching above all became a passion and I was always doodling. As the years progressed I became interested in Ornithology and began drawing birds in much detail. I left school and became an Apprentice Engineering Draughtsman and was praised for my meticulous drawings of plans. To this day people looking at my art often ask "were you a Draughtsman?"

I have been employed in various office jobs since but my passion has always been for art.

My paintings are what I would call traditional, not modern . I try to be professional in my approach using the best materials and proper techniques. I paticularly like the Impressionists period. I like looseness in a painting but there is an art in being loose.

My subjects these days are Landscapes and Architecture either in Watercolour,Oil or Acrylic. I use Ink quite a lot particularly for buildings and Lavenham is ideal for that. Suffolk has many Timber Framed Houses which lend themselves to my style of painting. I occasionally like to see old Architecture against modern which there are many examples in London. I have exhibited in numerous exhibitions and have received many commissions.

My paintings can be found in London, East Anglia, Jersey, Australia, Japan, Canada and America. My art has been featured on greeting cards as well. I am also a keen Photographer seeking out locations of interest to paint.

Many of my paintings are for sale and I always welcome commissions. I have never been to art school. Everything I have learned I have studied from books. I always say you can learn how to use materials but we all have our own style of drawing and painting and I think to a certain extent that comes naturally.    

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